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Author visits: inspiring children's creativity

I’ve been privileged to visit several schools over the last few months (both virtually and physically) to play a part in their literacy lessons as a guest author.

It’s been so lovely to see first hand how the children respond to my book (Stinkabell and the Bogsnufflers) and how engaged they have all been with the story.

Each time I visit, several children will come to tell me afterwards that they would love to write a book themselves or be an author one day. The stories that my book has inspired them to write have been wonderfully imaginative in the way that only children’s writing can be!

One head of English told me that the project the children did based around my book produced the best work that he’d seen all year. Whilst I’d love to believe that it was all down to my writing, I think a huge part of it is just having a ‘real life’ author coming in to interact with them is something exciting and inspiring in itself.

Children really do learn by being involved and so by being able to ask direct questions and see my reactions to their work, they are immediately more engaged.

I still remember being in year 4 and having a guest author in to read us her book. I remember very little else about year 4 (it was a pretty long time ago for me now!) but that has stuck with me all these years. There’s something special about an author reading their own work and answering questions that no one else knows the answer to.

Inspiring children to read and write can be tricky so finding ways to spark their imaginations can make all the difference to unlocking a passion that they may not realise existed in before.

Quote from Head of Literacy and year 3 teacher:

"I think the text is inspirational, aspirational and educational for KS1 & KS2 readers. I have devised a literacy project around the story for year 3 and plan to roll it out annually"

Quote from a head of year teacher:

"Our year 3s loved having Hannah in to read to them. They came up with some brilliant questions for her and their work inspired by her story was very creative and well written."

If you are interested in contacting me about a school visit, video call or any other project then please get in touch via the 'Contact Me' on the homepage.

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